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All-In-One Easy Text Marketing service.

We make it easy, fast and affordable to send SMS marketing campaigns with customers!



Our Easy Text Marketing platform that enable businesses to reach their customers through text messages. These services allow businesses to create and send targeted SMS campaigns, such as promotional offers, product updates, appointment or event reminders, and customer surveys. Our provide features like contact management, message scheduling, personalization, web forms, kiosk, analytics and more. Our sms text marketing platform help businesses optimize their marketing efforts and engage with their audience effectively. By leveraging the popularity and convenience of text messaging, businesses can establish direct and immediate communication channels with their customers, increasing brand awareness, driving customer engagement, and ultimately boosting sales.

Our X’ALT Text Platform is for Every Business.

Easy Text Marketing

These features are all just a quick sign-up away.
Run your text message marketing campaigns like a rock star.

Improve customer satisfaction, resolve conversations, and close deals with 2-way messaging.

Create drip campaigns by automating one or more messages to be sent any time after a sign-up.

Gather valuable feedback from customers by sending surveys and polls via text.

Create mobile coupons for promotional purpose, like special offers, and discounts. 

Track who’s clicking your links and who isn’t, then adjust your messages accordingly.
Keep your lists in sync with your list from MailChimp, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign and more.
Easily send bulk texts or alerts to everyone on your contact list at the same time.

Automate appointment reminders to increase staff efficiency, reduce errors and improve experience.

Let your fans opt into your text messages right from your website using a simple form.
Create “text-to” keywords quickly and easily collect phone numbers to grow your contact list.

Create unlimited users and grant them access only to the features you choose.

Create mobile loyalty programs and check-in kiosk for customer groups for retention purposes.

Create a vibrant experience for your customer with picture and video messaging.

Grow your list by hosting contest or sweepstakes that customers can send a text to enter.

Any credits you don’t use will rollover until the end of the following month.

Send smarter, more relevant text message campaigns with customer group segments.

Send pre-recorded or text-to-voice messages to your customers that have opted-in to your list(s).
Bring your existing phone number or add a new number for your easy text marketing campaigns.

Engage smarter with X’ALT Text – Easy Text MarketingEngage smarter with X’ALT Text – Easy Text Marketing

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Made for Every Business.


All-in-One platform features are just a quick sign-up away.

X'ALT 1k

  • 1,000 Texts Messages

X'ALT 3k

  • 3,000 text messages

X'ALT 7k

  • 7,000 Text Messages

X'ALT 15k

  • 15,000 Text Messages

X'ALT 25k

  • 25,000 Text Messages

X'ALT 50k

  • 50,000 Text Messages

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