Simplest Rewards Program for Local Businesses. Get a 2x increase in return rates and a 30% increase in revenue with digital reward cards. So, ditch those paper punch cards and create a loyalty program perfectly suited for your business.

Multiple Card Types to choose from.

Stamps, Cashback, Reward, Membership, Discount Coupon, Multipass, Certificate and more.

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Get a dedicated Social Media Manager with the big expense.  X’altSM is our division of an exceptional social media marketing service that offers extraordinary organic reach. It is specifically designed for companies that are determined to surpass the competition and make a remarkable impact in the digital landscape.

By utilizing our X’altSM services, your business gains a competitive edge and remains at the forefront of the ever-evolving social media landscape. Our comprehensive social media management solution, X’altSM, empowers you to engage intelligently on various platforms. It simplifies the process of overseeing multiple social networks, conducting contests, and generating valuable leads for your business.

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Our X’altWeb services will establish your brand, build your online presence and exalt your buniess.

Get a domain, plus we offer a comprehensive range of online services. In addition to domain registration, our services encompass web hosting, web security, online marketing, DIY website building tools, and professional email hosting.

We provide a diverse suite of options, including shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting, virtual private servers, and dedicated hosting plans. Our hosting plans cater to both Windows and Linux platforms.

Plus, our X’altWeb service division offer website development for business’ of all shapes and sizes.

Our Easy Text Marketing platform that enables businesses to reach their customers through text messages. These services allow businesses to create and send targeted SMS campaigns, such as promotional offers, product updates, appointment or event reminders, and customer surveys.

Our provide features like contact management, message scheduling, personalization, web forms, kiosk, analytics and more.

MyCyberIQ is a leading provider of comprehensive cyber security services, dedicated to keeping its clients safe and secure in an increasingly digital world.

Our slogan is “Stay Aware. Stay Smart. Stay Secure.” We offer a range of specialized solutions to stand by our slogan.  Our dark-web monitoring service, providing constant surveillance to detect any potential threats or breaches. We provide testing, training, measurement, and reduction of human risk, recognizing the critical role that individuals play in maintaining a secure environment. We encompass risk assessment and mitigation, threat prevention, advanced attack detection, and security incident response, ensuring that clients have a robust defense against cyber threats.

The Right Tools For The Right Solution. Every Time.

Branding. It’s Your Story.

Each of our solutions exalts your story, share a feeling and reveal your brand to your audiences. We incorporate your imagery into every project, so it stands out to the world.

Messaging. Interface Matters.

Our intuitive solutions are easily and quickly customized to your business needs. We take the time to clearly understand what you do and implement a plan for growth.

Convenience. Affordability.

Regardless of the platform or service solution, we will work together to achieve your goals. Costs matter, and regardless of your budget, we have solutions designed to exalt you.

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